How the game works

Paper Telephone is a party game that goes like this:

All the players (7 to 11 people, ideally) sit around the room in a circle. Everyone has a piece of paper. You write your name at the bottom of your paper, then you write a sentence at the top. The sentence can be anything at all – a quote, a song lyric, a random thought; it doesn’t matter.

When everyone’s done writing, all the papers get passed one to the left. So now you’re holding someone else’s sheet with their own sentence on it, and your job is to draw that sentence. Either literally reinterpret it, or make it a cartoon to go with the sentence. When you’re done drawing, you fold the top of the page so that the original sentence is gone.

Then, when everyone’s finished, you pass to the left again. So now you’ve got someone else’s context-less drawing, and you have to make a sentence out of it. Fold, pass, repeat – alternating pictures and sentences.

The game ends when everyone has their own sheets back (hence writing your name at the bottom in the beginning). At that point, everyone unfolds and takes turns sharing the progressions. And you get stuff like this:

''Ho ho CRAP!''

Now, back to the scans!


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