The whole damn song

Caught up on some scans from a PT game I played with a few friends about a month ago:

They should make a commercial.

Good Old Days(Stick-figure porn!)
Song 1
Beatings(Misplaced-genitalia porn!)
Song 2(Crispin Glover porn!)

It’s probably the smallest group I’ve ever played PT with. Kind of ironic, since the next pages in the hopper are from a couple of games with almost 20 players. In fact, I was going to finish up and post that monstrous assload of scans FIRST, but since some of those people are whiny impatient bitches, I stopped and went back to chronological order. And of those, I recommend “Case,” “Adopted,” and… well, who can argue with Crispin Glover porn?

Oo, also! Check out, tursiart‘s pet project – for all the PT needs you didn’t even know you had.

(Not to imply Mery is whiny, impatient, or a bitch. She was just an innocent bystander. Her fault for hanging out with the wrong crowd, really.)


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